Advanced Technology for Better Skis

High-quality ski designers and manufacturing companies spend an immense amount of time and money on research and development. They are striving to create the next best thing in skis. Lightweight materials, durable cores, different widths and lengths, and a change in the chamber or rocker of the ski are constantly reviewed, improved, patented, and trademarked.

The Materials

Traditional wooden skis have gradually become skis with a wood core in the middle of thin metal sheets. Carbon fibers, titanium, and aluminum are used because they are lightweight and flexible. They are also durable for skis that can last for a decade or more.

One example is the Nordica Enforcer series. A new size is being introduced with a full wood core from tip to tail that is surrounded in titanium. The original line is award-winning, but this new version is designed for free ride skiing. It can be used in all skiing conditions so it is as versatile as possible. Stability at high speeds is the main feature of the new design. This Nordica Enforcer 100 joins that impressive line.

The Shape

Another innovation from Nordica skis is a narrower shape to improve balance. The manufacturer indicates that the Nordica Enforcer 93 is smooth, powerful, and the most balanced ski it has produced to date. The slightly narrower ski is a pleasure to ride on the slopes, and can also cut through rugged snow conditions.


Some other shape changes include a straight tip instead of a round one to carve through heavy and bumpy snow. A wider tail on youth skis adds stability and makes the ski easier to turn. The degree of rocker also impacts the performance of the ski.

Additional Gear

Ski boots are improved often as well. The fit and support of boots make a significant difference in the balance, maneuverability, and steering. They have to warm without being bulky and heavy. Insoles have to support foot. Gels and foams have been placed in boots to accommodate the weight and pressure of the individual. That advancement allowed skiers to get a customized fit in addition to the correct boot size.

Bindings, poles, and goggles feature advanced technology as well as skis and boots. Coatings to reduce glare, for example, provides better vision and more protection for the eyes. Break-away bindings help to make skis safer in the event of a major fall. Research manufacturers and materials before purchasing any new skis, gear, or accessories.